Indian Medical Association

Indian Medical Association (IMA) is a national voluntary representative organisation of Doctors of the Modern Scientific System of Medicine. IMA has its roots in history that date back to 1928. During the freedom struggle, there was a need felt for a national organisation of the medical profession. The founder members were already members of the British Medical Association, which had a few local branches in India. The Indian Medical Association was formed and a mutual affiliation was agreed upon with the British Medical Association, assuring that they will have no branch in India, a relationship that has continued till date.

In the year 1946, IMA also helped in founding the World Medical Association (W.M.A.) and even today plays an important role in all deliberations of W.M.A. as a founder member. IMA has jointly hosted the III World Conference on Medical Education in New Delhi in 1966 with W.M.A. Today, IMA, headquartered at New Delhi is a well-established organisation with over 2.6 lac members, 1698 local and 30 state branches spread all over the country.

Membership Privileges

  1. A member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Journal of Indian Medical Association (JIMA), and of the other publications either free of charge or at such rates as may be fixed from time to time.
  2. All members shall have the right to attend and take part in the discussions at all the general and clinical meetings, lectures and demonstrations organized by this branch.
  3. Hon. Members, associate members, guest members and visitors cannot vote on resolutions or at elections.
  4. All members have a right to attend conferences, seminars and such other activities organized by the branch with prior registration and/or fees if so notified.
  5. Life members shall enjoy the privileges of membership of the branch within whose jurisdiction they may happen to be at that time.
  6. All members shall enjoy any other privilege that may hereinafter be conferred by the Central Council.
  7. On cessation of membership, the persons concerned shall automatically cease to hold any office or appointment held by him/her or made in his/her favor or recommendation of this branch.