President’s Appreciation Award 2022-23

Best Big Branch award 2021-22

Best President 2021-22

  • Dr. Sanjeev Datye received Best President Award 2021-22

Awards 2020-21

  • Best Secretary (Big Branch) 2020-21 – Dr. Sudhir Bhalerao
  • 2nd best Membership Enrollment Award for Social Security Scheme 2020-21
  • IMA Yuva Leaders award – Dr. Hemant Patil & Dr. Jyoti Dekate

Awards 2019-20

  • President Appreciation Award for hosting a successful state event for year 2019-20 for IMA MS MAHASPORTS 2020
  • President Appreciation Award for Corona Pandemic Exceptional Work for year 2019-20
  • President Appreciation Award for Proactive Support during 2019-20 to Dr. Suhas Mate
  • Dr. Suresh Nadkarni Mitra Mandal Award presented to Dr. Somnath Salgar
  • National IMA Awards committee has selected Dr. Maya Bhalerao for the IMA National President’s Appreciation Award For Women for Best Social Activity for the year 2019-20

Excellence Awards 2019

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital presented “Excellence Awards 2019” on 05 – 07 – 2019

  • Dr. Dilip Kamat received “Lifetime Achievement” Award
  • Dr. Kamal Yadav received “Excellence in Administration” Award
  • Dr. Suhas Mate (President, IMA PCB), Dr. Sudhir Bhalerao (Secretary, IMA PCB), Dr. Maya Bhalerao (Chairman, IMA PCB), Dr. Shubhangi Kothari (Vice Chairman IMA PCB), WDW were felicitated on this occasion.

Awards 2018 – 19

  • Dr. Sanjeev Datye received Best Secretary from Big Branch Award 2018 – 19
  • Dr. Maya Bhalerao got Nadkarni Paritoshik for Outstanding Woman Doctor IMA Maharastra State 2018 – 19. This award is given for public health education for masses.
  • Best Women’s Doctor Wing (WDW) Award 2018 – 19
  • Spandan received IMA local branch News Bulletin Award 2018 – 19