IMA PCB & Medicolegal Association of Maharashtra & Supreme Medicolegal Forum

Jointly organized


Theme – Awareness of Safe Medicolegal Practice

Venue: Hotel Govind Garden, Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri

Date: 09th June 2019

Time: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

IMA PCB, Medicolegal Association of Maharashtra and Supreme Medicolegal Forum jointly organised this CME & Workshop on “Awareness of Safe Medicolegal Practice”. Almost 185 delegates including lawyers and police officers registered.

Dr. Mohan Pawar spoke about development of skills in Medicolegal Certification and how to collect evidence that helps courts convict criminals. Eminent medicolegal expert Dr. Jayant Navrange delivered a talk on the importance of communications skills to develop a doctor-patient relationship, which is a key aspect in minimizing complaints & violence against doctors and hospitals.

Dr. Rajesh Bardale enlightened the audience about proper documentation, evidence for police investigation and procedure to be followed between doctor, police and media in a case of violence. The CME was inaugurated by Chief guest Dr. Murlidhar Tambe, Deputy Dean BJGMC, Pune and Guest of Honour Dr. Ashok Nandapurkar, Civil Surgeon, Pune in the presence of Dr. Milind Sonawane, Organising Chairman, Dr. Prakash Rokade, Organising Secretary, Dr. Dilip Kamat, Patron, IMA PCB, Dr. Suhas Mate, President, IMA PCB, Adv. Sadhana Sonawane, Proprietor, Supreme Medicolegal Forum, Dr.Sanjay Devadhar, Imm. Past President and Dr. Sudhir Bhalerao, Secretary, IMA PCB.

Dr. Milind Sonawane briefly explained about the objectives of Supreme Medicolegal Forum. A souvenir was released on this occasion which consists of articles on various medicolegal issues and all medicolegal formats necessary for the medical profession. The Guest of Honour stressed that doctors of all pathies should keep aside their professional rivalry and unite in today’s alarming scenario of violence against doctors and hospitals.

The Chief Guest said evidence based medicine should be widely practiced which will help the doctor and the court to gather evidence for a conviction. Dr.Prakash Rokade presented the vote of thanks to all dignitaries. Dr. Indrajit Khandekar highlighted various cases where poor records helped the defence get an acquittal and highlighted MCI rules and Government GRs. Adv. Rishikesh Ganu explained what exactly the judiciary expects from a doctor while examining a medicolegal case.

Dr. Mandar Karmarkar presented recent Judgements by National Commision Supreme court in relation to medical records, which demonstrated how a callous attitude to record keeping have helped implicate doctors. Dr. Prakash Mohite proposed development of Clinical Medicolegal units in each hospital to examine medicolegal cases and provide an expert opinion to the court in cases of negligence.

A unique feature of this CME was MOOT Court trial-“Doctor in court of Law”.

The session was co-ordinated by Dr. Milind Sonawane who explained how the judiciary works, Court trial procedure, summons, JFMC and Session Court proceedings, and Expert witness deposition.

The participants included Adv. Sadhana Sonawane (Judge), Adv. Vikas Shah (Public Prosecutor), Adv. Rishikesh Ganu (Defence Lawyer) and Dr.Rajesh Bardale (Forensic Medicine Expert Interpretor).

  1. Dr.Prashant Deshmukh – Doctor as witness-Injury assault case
  2. Dr.Laitkumar Dhoka- Doctor as witness-Alcohol Intoxication case
  3. Dr.Vijay Bhalgat- Doctor as witness-Poisoning case
  4. Dr.Bijal Mistry-Gynecologist-Doctor as witness-Sexual assault victim case