Indian Medical Association, Hospital Board of India, Maharashtra State

IMA Leadership over the years have realized need for a specific body to look after the interests of Hospitals and Nursing homes at a local, State & National level. The issues pertaining to the healthcare establishments have become increasingly complex and have aggravated in variety and intensity.

For this purpose the Hospital Board of India was formed by IMA. Undoubtedly, the leadership in healthcare delivery has slowly and steadily been passing into the hands of entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and the medical profession is at risk of being relegated to the sidelines. The pre-eminent and dominant position of medical professionals in this vital sector needs to be redefined and emphasized.

Indian Medical Association, Hospital Board of India, Accreditation Initiative

IMA constituted the Hospital Board India – (IMA-HBI) with the objective of helping the hospitals in dealing with issues related to hospitals, preparing the medical standards, providing uniform treatment protocols, addressing human resources related issues pertaining to the Healthcare Industry and improvement of Public Health and Medical Education in India.

Accreditation of healthcare is an important tool for improving and regulating the quality of care. “IMA-HBI-ACCREDITATION INITIATIVE” by IMA Hospital Board of India is efforts to facilitate accreditation for small & medium size hospitals.