members participated in the


Date: 26th Jun 2019

IMA PCB members participated in the IMA PCB Dindi as part of Sakal Media group’s initiative Sath Chal on 26th June 2019 with the Sant Tukaram Palkhi. This was a first of its kind program, which gave members the opportunity to take darshan of the Sant Tukaram palkhi and walk in the procession with warkaris who are on route to Pandharpur. The atmosphere was charged with the chanting of Shri Hari Vitthal, Dnyanba Tukaram, Shri Ttukaram Maharaj Ki Jai, resonating with the sounds of the taal and bang (drums).

The IMA PCB members who participated in the Dindi were Dr. Suhas Mate, Dr. Sudhir Bhalerao, Dr. Maya Bhalerao, Dr. Vijay Bhalgat, Dr. Preeti Bhalgat, Dr. Ritu Lokhande, Dr. Manisha Doiphode, Dr. Sonali Sawle, Dr. Rupali Ekbote, Dr. Shubhangi Tekurkar, Dr. Smita Burute, Dr. Sachin Gonjari, Dr. Deepali Gonjari, Dr. Anuradha Dnyanmote, Dr. Shailaja Mane and Dr. Sanjeev Datye.