Rapid Advancement in field of medical science has helped both patients & doctors in treatment and reducing the suffering of patients. Autoimmune medicines, drugs to prevent rejection, fluids to preserve organs, surgical equipment and better storage facilities are some of the advancements which have made Organ Donation much easier and faster.

Today most organs are being transplanted, like heart, eyes, kidneys, lungs, liver & pancreas. Tissues, bones, skins, veins, heart valves & cartilages are also being transplanted.

Laws have been enacted to help this & make life easier for the patients. Governments, Corporates and People are all getting together to further the cause of Organ Donation. Awareness is being created through media which goes a long way in spreading this message. We all need to get together and work towards this noble cause.

What is a donor card?

  • Donor card is a means of expressing your wishes. It is like making a will
  • By signing the donor card you have agreed that you will be an organ donor.

How do I carry the donor card?

  • Always keep this card on person, in your purse or wallet. Tell your close relatives about your wishes to be an organ donor.
  • The donor card can also serve as an emergency card in your wallet.

Donation of Organs

  • Due to the lack of awareness people are unable to understand the basics. Anyone can be a Donor.

Religion & Organ Donation

  • Most religions are not against organ donation. In case of doubt, please consult your religion head / authority.

When to donate an organ

  • Organ donations need to be done in their stipulated time frame.
  • Kidneys should be removed within half an hour of the person’s death whereas one can donate one’s Eyes up to six hours after death.
  • Also one can donate an organ under other circumstances.
  • Organ Transplantation is better accepted in the west and there are more transplants done from the deceased.
  • Awareness is very important. Driving Licenses in the west carry the option of being an organ donor.

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