World Diabetes Day


On Occasion of World Diabetes Day, IMA PCB WDW and ESIS Hospital Chinchwad conducted awareness program on Diabetes on 22.11.2021. More than 80 people joined the program and free BSL was done for more than 100 people. Dr. Suruchi Mandrekar and Dr. Abhijeet Shinde gave informative talks about “Diabetes”, types, incidence, high risk factors, complications, early detection, prevention and investigations. Dr Abhay Vaidya gave elaborative & lucid presentation on Diabetes in paediatrics, Dr. Neha Parve talked about diet and Savita Devkar gave a talk on role and types of yoga in Diabetes. Dr. Bharati Patil and Dr. Jyoti Dekate gave concluding remarks. Dr. Manisha Patil with Dr. Bharti Patil co-ordinated the event.